Scan the QR code on court to start camera

Price: 80 SEK per match with analyze of all 4 players
    1. Video analyze your game

    2. 1. Press start camera button and Scan code on court.
    3. 2. Follow the instruction steps.
    4. 3. Get sms with a link to your video analysis.

Included features

logo SHOT STATSShows which player hit the most % shots per team. Also shot the % of failed shot attempts for every player.
logo ZONE MAPThe % of time each player spent in offensive, defensive and transit zone.
logo DISTANCE COVEREDThe number of meters each player ran during the game.
logo TIME IN TRANSIT ZONEShows how much time each player spent in the transit zone, the middle part of the court that you usually want to avoid in padel.
logo HEAT MAPShows exactly where each player moved the most during the game. Perfect way to better understand the game.
logo SUMMARYPresents who won the most challenges along with a summary of each player's individual stats.
logo LIVE STREAMUsing a high-speed camera sensor that captures all the details in a fast moving sport to enrich the video experience.
logo RECORD GAMESRecord your games in 4K resolution and store them on your account for upto 6 months.
logo CREATE HIGHLIGHTSSave your most valuable highlights with the easy highlight capture tool.
logo COACH FEEDBACKShare your videos and highlights with your coach where they can give you feedback.
logo STREAM TO YOUTUBESchedule livestream events directly to YouTube.

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